Our Values

We care

Striving for success

Since the 2014 change of ownership we have been working with a set of values that express the values shared by KISO. Everyone at KISO strives to apply our values in their daily work and relations with colleagues, customers and partners – to ensure success for both our customers and partners and KISO.

We care about the environment

We comply with legal requirements on environmental issues and

we seek to continue to reduce our environmental footprint by
reducing our consumption of resources, sort our waste

and recycle our rubber and raw material waste to the

extend possible


To maintain and expand KISO's market position the customer is always the focus of our actions and decisions. Therefore we focus on Quality, Service, Innovation and


Cooperation makes us stronger

We work with our customers and suppliers to create the best solutions and we aim to establish long-term partnerships

Continuous improvement

To ensure KISO’s competitiveness we optimize and relate critically to processes and workflows to

create value for our customers

and partners