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KISO PP Profile - Bubble Gasket

An extruded EPDM bubble gasket available with or without an adhesive.


  • For ensuring air and water tightness in houses and industrial buildings
  • Noise reducing
  • For factory as well as on site application
  • Excellent ozone resistance
  • Water and air tight
  • Free from harmful substances
  • Very good aging properties
  • Glass fibre scrim carrier tape for extra strength (if applicable)

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Ensuring water and air tightness e.g. between two external wall panels as well as between these panels and the foundation in e.g. prefabricated houses.

Ensuring sealing and sound insulation in joints when mounting partition walls in industrial buildings.

Ensuring water and air tightness between composite panels in industrial buildings.



Application temperature:



> 5o(15oC - 25oC recommended)



By hand directly from the reel

Surface preparation:



All surfaces should be clean, dry and free from dust, grease and loose materials. Propan-2-ol is recommended for cleaning (smooth surfaces). Make sure the surface is allowed to dry prior to application of the butyl sealant strip.


(One pallet contains 48 cartons)


Available colours: Black

Available sizes: 10x45 mm, 10x70 mm, 10x75 mm, 10x100 mm, 10x150 mm. The number of meters per roll and rolls per carton is determined by product dimensions and customer requirement.

Profiles may be sold without tape on customer request.


An extruded EPDM closed cellular rubber sealing strip either with or without a glass fibre scrim carrier tape.

Excellent adhesiveness to dry surfaces (if with glass fibre scrim carrier tape).

Water absorption is negligible.

Good resistance to solvents.


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KISO PP Profile - Bubble Gasket